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Homeowners Associations (HOAs) with commonly owned Property and Assets have two types of costs for which revenue must be generated.  Here are the key elements:


BUDGET - The first type is Annual Operating Expense, managed with the Budget.  These costs would include monthly bills and obligations such as utilities, management fees, insurance, and supplies, etc.  It's a pretty simple annual forecast


RESERVE STUDY - The second type is Replacement of Depreciating Common Assets, and managed with the Reserve Study.  This consists of things like private roads, buildings, recreational facilities, and fences, etc.  A 30-year projection of total cost is prepared which includes the replacement cost, size in units of measure, no. of items, useful life, remaining life, etc. of all commonly owned association assets for each year.


REVENUE - Diligent completion of this projection permits the Homeowners Association Board to determine the required size of Regular Annual Membership Assessments, or DUES, to accumulate  sufficient Revenue to cover the costs.

There are many companies that analyze HOA common facilities and  prepare a Reserve Study for a Fee.  This can be expensive and somewhat confusing.   HOA Board Members are lead to believe that they must pay for a service by a licensed company that specializes in providing this service for community associations.  


For a Board to prepare their Reserve Study themselves, "due diligence" is certainly required.   HOAs can save money, attain better management control, and improve membership communications by using our software to self perform their Reserve Study.  A specialized company to do this is simply not necessary.  


Here is the integrated Excel Program that we would use to conduct an invoiced Reserve Study.  The program can be purchased for HOA Board use in preparing their Reserve Study themselves.  The links here are self evident.  Please study the example and screen shots.  If you have questions, comments or orders, please email me and we'll work together.


*      Example of the HOA Cost Management Program with input data . . .  printed as a PDF

**    Screen Shots of the blank Excel file.

***  Computation cell contents are proprietary and hidden.

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Service  or  Software  Sales

  (Any purchase includes support throughout the study year)

Integrated Reserve Study, including  HOA Budget, Cash Reserves Projection & Graphic Summary, delivered as a PDF. * $350.00
Reserve Study Update, delivered as a PDF. $175.00
HOA Cost Management Program, delivered as a single Excel file*** with Budget, Reserves and Summary tabs.  If purchased after a completed Study,  it will contain all input data  for easy updating ** $200.00
Integrated Reserve Study + Program, including  HOA Budget, Cash Reserves Projection & Graphic Summary, delivered as a single Excel file*** with all of the input data in place for easy updating and a PDF) $500.00

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