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I would like to help anyone who is on an Home Owners Association Board of Directors with their Cash Flow and financial management problems and questions.   Moreover, anyone who lives in a community, governed by an HOA is invited to make inquiries as well.  A little information about me . . . 
2007-9      Mill Site Townhomes Association I, Secretary 1 and President for 1 year Arnold, CA
2007         Mill Site Owners Association, Vice President  Arnold, CA
2000-4      Christine Manor Civic Association, Secretary 1 & President for 4 years Newark, DE
1963-02     For more background see this The East

Products & Services

(any purchase includes support throughout the study year)



Integrated Reserve Study, including  HOA Budget, Cash Reserves Projection & Graphic Summary, delivered as a PDF. * $350.00
Reserve Study Update, delivered as a PDF. $175.00
HOA Cost Management Program, delivered as a single Excel file*** with Budget, Reserves and Summary tabs.  If purchased after a completed Study,  it will contain all input data  for easy updating ** $200.00
Integrated Reserve Study + Program, including  HOA Budget, Cash Reserves Projection & Graphic Summary, delivered as a single Excel file*** with all of the input data in place for easy updating and a PDF) $500.00
General HOA Consultation Quote

*      Example of the HOA Cost Management Program with input data . . .  printed as a PDF

**    Screen Shots of the blank Excel file.

***  Computation cell contents are proprietary and hidden.

   The best way to get started is to email me, Fred Arbogast, at . . . info@assncostmgt.com.   Let me know your situation and needs.   I'll study your inquiry and reply to your email  with my comments and perhaps a proposal and quote.  Here is a list of information that you will need to send:
Home Owners Association Name Financial Plan Year Number of Association Members
Operating Income Categories & $s Operating Expense Categories &$s Cash in Bank on Jan. 1st of Plan Year
Estimate of Accrued Annual Interest List Each Asset Name & Description List Size or Number of Each Asset
% of Each Asset Being Replaced Replacement Cost of Each Asset "Useful Life" for Each Asset
"Remaining Life" for Each Asset % Escalation Current Monthly Dues
Any Special Assessments Minimum Bank Balance Requirements Accrued Interest Rate
HOA State Federal Income Tax Bracket State Income Tax Bracket
   You will have most of this information with the possible exception of "Replacement Cost" and "Useful Life".  I may need to fill in the blanks, but at a slight charge.  I would also recommend that you permit me to develop the Dues Projection, but you can do this yourself and save the cost if I were to do it.  Note that I'll be able to update your Cash Flow calculations annually if you so desire.  Also, I will be glad to quote on any other HOA issue, so just ask.

    Now you can purchase the Program that you see on the first page of this website.  It's now configured for ease of use, even for those who are not Excel experts, and it's designed to help HOAs handle their own cash management internally, with "what if" exploration possible, no tedious calculations, and free from the cost of expensive "expert reserve analysts" and their reports!   Please inquiry to me at  info@assncostmgt.com and I'll try to get you started!

Sincerely, Fred Arbogast

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